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This course has been designed especially for young musicians and bands of all abilities from ages 9-18+ years.
Learn to play in a band, develop musicianship, and develop a live performance for the last day.
Led by an expert team of professional music tutors, there’ll be workshops in:
  • singing, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums
  • song-writing/creative composition 
  • live performance
  • pre-production
We especially welcome singers!
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Close Up View of Bass Guitar Strings
We accept both individual students and existing bands. As requested we are now able to accommodate Brass and String instruments but these spaces are limited – please contact to discuss availability.
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All bands will be allocated a group. Students will attend 2 hours of workshops each day. These workshops will be focused on songwriting, production and recording.  

Each day students will be working with their bands in a professional rehearsal studio (Monday to Thursday). Friday, all bands will record their songs with our own site producer. 

Structure as follows: 

Day one - Who inspires us? An overview and introduction.
Day two - Lyric writing workshops
Day three - melody and chord exploration
Day four - pre-production and professional band skills
Day five - recording and editing skills

After the workshops, a professionally edited copy of their song will be sent out for all to rock out to! 


Date: Monday 29th, Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st, Thursday 1st, and Friday 2nd of July/August 2024

Time: 10am - 12pm

Venue: Small Pond Studios - 27 Castle St, Brighton, BN1 2HD

Prices: £200
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